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What is Pharming?

Pharming is a type of cyberattack that redirects website visitors from a legitimate site to a malicious or fraudulent one, often without the user's knowledge. This can be achieved in a couple of ways:

  1. DNS Cache Poisoning: This method involves corrupting the Domain Name System (DNS) server by replacing a legitimate IP address with a fake one. When users try to visit the website by its domain name, the corrupted DNS server redirects them to the fraudulent site.

  2. Malicious Code: Attackers can also install malicious code on a user's computer, often through malware. This code then redirects the user's web requests to malicious sites.

The primary purpose of pharming attacks is usually to deceive users into thinking they're interacting with a trusted website, which can lead them to willingly provide personal or financial information. This information is then harvested by cybercriminals for fraudulent activities. Protecting oneself from pharming involves a combination of keeping software updated (especially browsers and antivirus programs), being wary of unsolicited or unexpected downloads, and using HTTPS for secure connections whenever possible. #cybersecurityeasy #pharming @cybersecurityeasy #phishing #seniors #training

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