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Referral Program

Additionally, we offer a lucrative referral program. We pay you 30% of the net amount of every sale that occurs as a result of your referral. For more details, please call us today at 847-845-9360 or email at

Potential Partnerships

We are thrilled at the prospect of collaborating with a diverse range of potential partners. Our enthusiasm extends to, but is not limited to, the following:

IT Consultants and Service Providers: We're eager to work with those providing cyber security and IT services, as our combined efforts can greatly enhance the digital safety awareness of your clients and end users.

Educational and Training Institutions: We look forward to partnering with universities, colleges, schools and school districts, libraries, park districts, and other agencies dedicated to education and training, to broaden the reach of our knowledge. We are open to participating in remote events and coaching students and faculty on cyber safety and social engineering awareness.

Insurance Companies and Agencies: Collaborating with firms offering cyber insurance coverage aligns perfectly with our mission of promoting cyber safety. We offer cyber safety coaching to policy holders to improve their level of cyber safety and social engineering awareness. 

Senior Facilities and Organizations: We're committed to assisting seniors and open for partnerships with facilities and organizations that serve seniors to offer remote and in-person events and coaching sessions, ensuring they are well-informed about latest phishing tricks used by attackers.


Guest Speaking and Keynote Addresses at Professional Development Events and Conferences: We welcome the opportunity to work with any organization or company organizing Professional Development sessions, keynote speaker events, or conferences. Our expertise in cyber safety and social engineering awareness can be a valuable addition to your event topics.

*This offer is not guaranteed and is subject to approval, limited to US companies only. The offer can be canceled or modified at any time without prior notice, for any reason or no reason. Additional terms and conditions apply.

Partnerships and Referral Program


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