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Consider this program as a form of preventive care. It is crafted for Cyber Liability Insurance carriers, agents, and resellers to educate your clients on cyber safety and social engineering, thereby enhancing their understanding of the latest scams and phishing attempts. Educating clients on the principles of social engineering is an excellent way to prompt business teams to reconsider their existing data policies and internal rules for handling sensitive data. Recently published data indicates that 98% of cyber-attacks involve some form of social engineering, and 90% of data breach incidents target the human element to gain access to sensitive business information.

We are eager to show how our coaching program can be integrated to ensure your clients are stronger and better informed. Incentives such as discounts on insurance policies upon completion of our coaching program can be an attractive offer, or they can serve as a resource for clients to educate themselves on enhancing their safety.

The program is designed for flexibility, ranging from 6 to 12 hours, and can be tailored to accommodate various company schedules, ensuring both convenience and effective learning. Contact us to learn more at 847-845-9360 or email us at


(References: Firewall Times: Social Engineering Statistics; Splunk: Social Engineering Attacks)

Cyber Insurance Partnerships


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