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Cyber Attacks on Seniors: Statistics

Cyber attacks targeting seniors have become a growing concern in recent years. Criminals often take advantage of the vulnerabilities and specific circumstances of older adults. Here are some statistics related to cyber attacks on seniors:

  • Estimated losses from scams on the elderly are thought to cost families up to $36 billion annually

  • The most vulnerable age groups to fraud attacks are young adults and adults over 75.

  • Older internet users have almost twice the chance of being victimized by phishing attacks compared to younger users

  • The median loss for seniors in fraud cases is significantly higher at $1,092 compared to $400 for the 20–29 age group

  • Cybercrime cost Americans over 50 nearly $3 billion in 2023, representing a 62% increase from the previous year.

These statistics highlight the importance of raising awareness about cybersecurity among seniors and implementing preventive measures to protect them from cyber threats. LLC’s initiative is open to massively support the community by providing cyber safety coaching and improving social engineering awareness. We believe the level of cyber safety awareness and understanding of social engineering concepts is too low. Our goal is to make social engineering concepts of cybersecurity easier to understand, covering topics such as emails, SMS messaging, phone calls, passwords, use of AI, and more.

For senior facilities, we offer in-person and remote 60-minute group coaching sessions related to each topic, along with access to a library of short video clips to run on cable TV or network. Contact us for more details.

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