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CyberSecurityEasy Press Release

Aug. 25, 2023


They Target Seniors, We Do Too: LLC

The escalating cyber threats against seniors have compelled LLC to introduce a specialized coaching program, aimed at strengthening the digital defenses of this vulnerable group.

Recently published data underscored the urgent need for such services. 98% of cybersecurity attacks are found to be exploiting users through social engineering tactics. Even more troubling, the Internet Crime Complaint Center’s (IC3) 2022 Elder Fraud Report disclosed an alarming 84% rise in total losses to seniors from the previous year. LLC offers cyber safety and social engineering group coaching sessions for seniors, group coaching for the general public, business consulting, mentoring, and keynote speaker events. The company's comprehensive approach addresses specific threats such as email phishing, voice phishing, SMS phishing, and more. Importantly, two sessions are fully dedicated to unpacking the complexities of social engineering and best practices for general safety. From deceptive IRS calls to sophisticated phishing emails, many of us have, unfortunately, had encounters with these cyber threats. CyberSecurityEasy's primary goal is to foster a community where everyone is equipped with the knowledge to protect themselves online.

"I trained seniors technology for four years and started recognizing how valuable we all are and especially this groups of users specifically targeted by attackers," says Dr. Feliks Kravets, Manager of LLC. Dr. Kravets brings decades of experience in higher education, having taught at various institutions including Benedictine University, University of the Potomac, Kendall College, Northwestern Business College, College of Lake County, and Illinois Institute of Art in Schaumburg, among others. His diverse professional background, ranging from data analysis roles at SBC Telecom (now AT&T) to leadership roles in startup operations, underpins the company's mission.

For senior communities, educational institutions, individuals, and businesses eager to fortify their cyber defenses, LLC offers both in-person coaching in selected regions and remote coaching nationwide. To learn more about senior cyber safety coaching or discuss your unique business needs reach out to LLC today at 847-845-9360 or via email at

About LLC: We work diligently to make social engineering concepts of cybersecurity easier to understand. We operate in the cyber awareness coaching space, specializing in Online Safety and Social Engineering, serving seniors, businesses, and the general public.

Press Contact: LLC

Phone: 847-845-9360

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