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Social Engineering safety and cyber awareness coaching, business consulting, mentoring, and keynote speaker events.

They target seniors. We do too!

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Senior Awareness: Social Engineering & Cyber Safety Seminars

Social Engineering for Everyone (Group and 1-on-1 Sessions)

Guest and Keynote Speaker Series Events & Corporate Seminars

Business Consulting: Cyber Safety and Social Engineering Coaching

Nationwide (remote). Chicago region and selected US regions (remote and face-to-face). Contact us for more details.

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98% of cybersecurity attacks involve getting users through social engineering.

In 2020, including the costs of downtime, repairs and lost opportunities, the average ransomware attack cost educational institutions $2.7M.

The Internet Crime Complaint Center’s (IC3) 2022 Elder Fraud Report reveals a staggering 84% increase in total losses to seniors from the previous year’s report.

The cost of cybercrime is predicted to hit $8 trillion in 2023 and will grow to $10.5 trillion by 2025.

Business Coaching,

Professional Development, and Keynote Speaking Events

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98% of cyber attacks involve some form of Social Engineering. The average organization is targeted by 700+ Social Engineering attacks annually.

In 2021 FBI received 847,376 cybercrime complaints which is 7% increase from 2020, with the potential total loss of $6.9 billion in 2021.  In 2022 FBI received 800,944 complaints, which is a 5 percent decrease from 2021. However, the potential total loss has grown to more than $10.2 billion in 2022.

Your employees are the weakest link in your cybersecurity chain. Employees are a major access point for cyber attackers. Companies need to make sure their employees are part of their cyber plan to build resiliency.

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Our Programs

We are dedicated to supporting our seniors by offering cyber safety and social engineering awareness programs, available in person at select senior facilities and remotely across the nation. Our program is especially beneficial for seniors, covering important topics such as cyber safety, email, texting, and phone call phishing attacks, general online safety tips, AI and voice cloning, password security, and more.

Our programs are offered with flexible scheduling. They typically run in one-hour increments once a week, over a period of 6-12 weeks. However, we are adaptable and can adjust our schedule to accommodate the specific needs of your facility.

If you manage a senior facility or an organization that serves seniors and are interested in implementing our program, or if you have any questions, we would be pleased to discuss how our services can benefit you

We are excited to offer our professional cyber safety and social engineering awareness programs at your school. Our program is highly beneficial to both children and parents, particularly in an age where children frequently use mobile and computer devices and may become targets of phishing attempts and scams, including texting and voice-based phishing.

Our programs are available after school, but we also offer sessions before school and during lunchtime. Typically, our after-school programs run for one hour, once a week, for a duration of 6-12 weeks. However, we are flexible and can tailor our schedule to meet your needs.


If you are interested in introducing our program at your school, or if you have any questions, we would be delighted to discuss this further with you.

Consider this program as a form of preventive care. It is crafted for Cyber Liability Insurance carriers, agents, and resellers to educate your clients on cyber safety and social engineering, thereby enhancing their understanding of the latest scams and phishing attempts. Educating clients on the principles of social engineering is an excellent way to prompt business teams to reconsider their existing data policies and internal rules for handling sensitive data. Recently published data indicates that 98% of cyber-attacks involve some form of social engineering, and 90% of data breach incidents target the human element to gain access to sensitive business information.

We are eager to show how our coaching program can be integrated to ensure your clients are stronger and better informed. Incentives such as discounts on insurance policies upon completion of our coaching program can be an attractive offer, or they can serve as a resource for clients to educate themselves on enhancing their safety.

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Talk to us about Social Engineering for Everyone (Group Sessions) | Senior Awareness: Social Engineering & Safety | Business Solutions: Social Engineering Consulting Services.

Send us a message or or give us a call. We are here to assist and eager to learn more about how we can help.


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