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Cyber Insurance Premiums Surge: Will Offering Cyber Coaching Help?


Fitch estimates industry statutory direct written premiums for cyber coverage in standalone and package policies increased by over 50% in 2022 to $7.2 billion, following 73% premium growth in the prior year.

Stand-alone cyber coverage, which represents approximately 70% of industry premiums, increased by 62% in 2022. (Source:

Providing cyber safety coaching is akin to preventative care in medical insurance, fortifying the insured against prevailing threats while potentially reducing claims and associated costs.

Our offerings extend to:

  1. Cyber safety coaching for seniors and adults.

  2. Business consulting.

  3. Engagements in speaking events.

  4. Specialized technology coaching.

Contact LLC at or call us at 847-845-9360 for more details.

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